Jon Shenk, Director/Cinematographer, was the DP for the Academy Award-winning Smile Pinki (2009). He won an Emmy for Blame Somebody Else (2007, PBS/Exposé). Shenk directed and photographed Lost Boys of Sudan, Independent Spirit Award winner in 2004. He co-directed and photographed Democracy Afghan Style (2004). In 2005, he directed and photographed The New Heroes. Early in his career, he directed and photographed The Beginning (1999), a chronicle of George Lucas’s Star Wars: Episode I. Shenk has produced and photographed dozens of documentaries for PBS, the BBC, A&E;, Bravo, CBS, NBC, and National Geographic Television. He has been nominated twice for Emmys for his cinematography. He earned his Master’ s degree in Documentary Filmmaking from Stanford University in 1995 and his B.A. from Yale in 1991.

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