chest infection care plan

The Island President Introduces Chest Infection Care Plan

The Island President has been a film which has truly revolutionised the filmmaking industry. A movie which follows around a president who is treated like a king around his island is a huge step in the right direction for an industry which has been stagnating significantly in recent years this was the step which the industry needed to take. Reality television has soared in popularity over the last decade and it was crucial that filmmaking found the right manner to introduce this into movies and with the Island Presidents chest infection care plan they have done exactly that.

chest infection care plan

Chest Infection Care Plan

The film begins by showcasing the younger days of the island president. Having a simple, underprivileged upbringing like the vast majority of the world’s population it’s truly incredible to think about his ascent to becoming the ruler of the island which you see barking orders towards the end of the movie. A dear loved one of the Island President suffered from a chest infection which was so bad and went untreated it ultimately cost them their life. This was a critical factor in the President later introducing the chest infection care plan which has saved so many lives on the island and provided the president with this god-like status.

chest infection care plan


The Island President’s upbringing played a critical role in him having the morals which he had in later life. There is no question that his family orientated background which placed such huge emphasis on loyalty has been a detrimental factor in the president selflessly running the island and constantly placing such huge emphasis on ensuring his people get the best possible deal for them. Unlike so many President’s of countries, who are in business dealings attempting to get the best financial rewards for them, the Island President is the total opposite.



There is no desire for the President to generate mass wealth for himself as he leads the best possible life that he could on the island already. The President has a huge treehouse equivalent which is kitted out with the most exquisite interior decoration which is fit for a king in any country around the world. There can be no question that the President does not lavish himself with gifts because he is more than content with his current set up which he has in his home.

chest infection care plan

His People

The president needs to do what is in the best interests of his people, as if he doesn’t do that, he risks the possibility of an uprising against his leadership. It is not like a country where you can annoy people but they are away from your location, the island president is surrounded by the people who are most drastically affected by his decision making. This means that the president is going into important negotiations regarding importing and exporting and he is focussing on ensuring that he gets the best deal possible for his island’s farmers and crop growers. After speaking to several farmers on the island it is clear that they believe he is the greatest president they have ever had.