the island president

The Island President’s Emphasis On Sport

The Island President has always placed a massive emphasis on embracing sporting achievements across continents on his island. The President wants to ensure that people on his island are engaged in sport on a regular basis and that they do not fall behind other islands with regards to their fitness. The Islander Championship is a tournament which all the islands in the Southern Pacific compete for on an annual basis and it is the source of bragging rights for the island until the next year. Therefore, the Island President likes to ensure that his people are engaged in sporting activities the entire year round and are keeping themselves in the best possible shape to ensure their island achieves success in the Championship.

the island president

Islander Championship

The Islander Championship has been a ritual competed for by all the islands for generations. The Championship consists of four sports being the centre of attention. Football, hockey, basketball and obviously the ancient island sport of croquet. Incredibly the most hotly contested sport during the championship is nearly always croquet. This is because within individual sports croquet is the easiest and most accessible sport to practice. This allows people to take their game to the next level by consistently practicing it throughout the year without needing other people to engage with them to take their game to the next level. This allows people to practice their sport which they are passionate about regularly.

the island president

Practice Makes Perfect

There is no doubt that practice makes perfect no matter what profession or sport you are involved in. There can be no getting away from the fact that the island president fully expects his team to engage in practicing their dedicated sport on a regular basis to ensure the highest quality of performance from his team otherwise there could be a diminished performance from his island and they would be far less likely to go home with the silverware.

Man Dunking the Ball

The Homecoming

The return home to the island is said to be something which every islander wants to achieve at some point in their career as champion. The island president loves to party, as everybody already knows. However, when his island have just won the islander championship it is said that he takes the partying to the next level entirely and gets incredibly excited to be associated with a winning team and his island delivering the championship. The entire island is said to be out at the docks ready to greet their heroes and provide them with a welcoming party which is unmatched by any other islands.

Group of Sports Player Kneeling on Field


The Island President takes great pride in his island being regarded as having the best food of all the islands. As a result, the President places great importance in his island ensuring their homecoming is greeted by a range of the islands various delicacies being laid out in perfect order for their championship winning side to get to enjoy upon returning home. There is no question that this is hugely influential with regards to making the island stand out from the others as one which people will greatly want to be a part of.