The Island Presidents Fear Of Water

Incredibly, the man who has since taken control of the island and is in charge of everything which the island has to offer once endured a serious fear of something which there was literally no way of him avoiding. Water. The Island President spoke in detail about the tiring task which his mother had trying to coax him into the water or to at least be receptive of paddling along the shoreline. But it wasn’t to be for a very long time.

Body of Water

Irrational Fear

The Island President’s childhood fear of water was so irrational he refused to even drink water. When living on an island obviously there is not a great variety of products to drink which can cleanse people’s need for thirst. As a result, there is huge importance placed on a quantity of milk and water being in place for the islanders to drink. Obviously salt water is inappropriate to drink, years ago the islanders managed to devise a small filter which allows them to take natural spring water into a large container which provides clean water for all the islanders to drink.

White Boat on Sea during Golden Time


This was hugely problematic for the Island President’s upbringing. It caused numerous issues which the president’s family were forced to encounter and try to provide solutions for. It was never going to be an easy process to help the President overcome this fear because it was at such a developed stage it was almost at the point of no return and there was no obvious way which this could be rectified. Numerous spiritualist people were engaged with on the island who all washed their hands of anything to do with the President and said he was a lost cause.

Trees and Mountain Beside Beach

Overcoming Fears

Overcoming any fear can be a huge ask for anybody never mind a young child. It can be an extremely daunting task for anyone to take head on something which they are afraid of and attempt to beat it. This is where the future president showcased his excellent potential to become a leader by facing his fears head on. Utilising some of the expert mind training experts on the island, the young future president of the island was given his initiation into the leadership circle by being forced to step into the water in front of the entire island population.

Green Leafed Trees Under Blue Sky


Before the President had been able to mentally prepare himself for the occasion or even try to have an experience with water he was swiftly being forced to descend into the ocean in front of the gathering crowds. This would turn out to be a day which laid the foundations for the young leader’s future push for leadership. Had he not focussed his efforts on walking into the ocean first time this could have been viewed in the future as a sign of weakness which could severely impact his credibility as a future leader. Fortunately, the president at the tender age of just ten years old was able to motivate himself enough to stride confidently into the water. Just like that, a king was born.